Gratitude Turkey Time-lapse in Procreate

How fun is this!? I love seeing the process of a drawing and painting, so I thought I’d share. My Gratitude Turkey in Procreate started out as a messy sketch but quickly turned into a cute little guy. I didn’t really know what he was going to look like but I had an idea. He got a little more chubby at the end and I love it! Creating my Gratitude Turkey Time-lapse in Procreate makes its so easy to look back on any project with the Time Lapse Replay. This helps me see my artistic style unfold and reminds me to start with an idea and let it evolve into what it may. Such a fun process!

Happy Little Turkey Sketch to Finish

I’m thinking of turning this little guy into a 5×5 card or maybe a little print to add to our Thanksgiving Tablescape. It’s a little late to add to my Etsy Shop as a psychical item but maybe I can offer it as a printable?! So many options and decisions when it comes to sharing my work. The options are endless and exciting and intimidating. I wish I could do it all but I try to keep it simple and do small bits at a time.

Procreate is my favorite way to create digital designs for my stickers, calendars, and prints. I’ve been using it full-time for almost a year so I have a lot of experience with it. I tried Adobe Fresco for a few days but I always go back to my fav Procreate, it’s so easy to use and my brain enjoys the simplicity of it. Fresco has so much to offer and it’s definitely powerful program but for now I’m sticking with Procreate.

I’ll look forward to sharing more behind the scenes in the future! See ya next time!

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