Yay! We are finally OPEN! I’m very excited about this…I’ve spent countless hours on my products, blog, website, etc. My family had a lot of MYO Dinners (Make Your Own), it’s sad but true.

I’d like to give credit to everyone who helped me get to this point….First, I want to Thank My ‘Wonderful’ Man, who supports me in anything I want to do. He’s super supportive and understanding and provides Chocolate when I get discouraged.  Thanks Babe, Love you! I want to Thank my kids also, who provide much of my inspiration, they are funny people! I also want to Thank My Mom…I’m constantly bouncing ideas of her and asking if things look right. She gives it to me straight and I love that! Last, but not least, I want to Thank all of YOU….your encouragement and kindness has been priceless! Thank you, ALL!!

Our Etsy Shop is Open, with just a few items but I will be adding products over the next week or so. I thought I could have them all up by now but my poor family really wanted a home cooked meal. ha! I’ll be finishing up the last updates to the website/blog too.

Who knew opening a shop was so much work? Uh, ME! Need help? Email me!

Tomorrow, I’ll post a Giveaway…yahoooo! I love to give stuff away!

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