2013 Word and Updates


Hello! Today’s the day! I’m ubber excited to share my new design and some of my plans for 2013 with y’all.

First off, this blog will be more of a lifestyle blog, I’ll continue to share my art and products but I’ll also share my home diy projects, date night outfits/activities (going on 11 years of weekly date nights), GF recipes and more.

Second, 2013 word is: WORK. I normally choose a word that has less ‘work’ to it and a lot more simplifying but this year I want to work hard for the things I want. I’ve made goals for my family and business and plan to work over-time to accomplish them.

Third, I’m offering custom watercolor letters, silhouettes and illustrations in my shop. Calendars will continue to be stocked (i love calendars!) but the cards will not be available after they are gone. I’ll share samples soon.

Fourth, I’m offering custom blog design for WordPress, more info here. I’ll share more about my brand and design in a couple days.

My great big plans look so small when they are typed out….not like the pages of notes I have in my planner. ha! I’ll be sharing more this week so stayed tuned.

p.s. The 52/52 Project will be posted later today so it has its very own post…..easier to keep track of.

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