Creative Process: 2013 Doodle Birds Mini Calendar

I love to see the Creative Process of handmade items so I thought I would share mine. This is my 2013 Doodle Birds Mini Calendar available in my Shop.

I started by sketching a rough draft each bird on a piece of scratch paper, normally I would use my sketch book but I only had My Man’s work paper when the idea popped in my head. After I was done, I started to outline november with a pen but then decided against it. I’m glad I did because I love to see the original sketches when a project is finished.

 After the roughs were done, I sketched each one out and painted them on one piece of watercolor paper with my trusty watercolors. I don’t know why but I always draw and paint really small, I wouldn’t be good at large pieces of art at all. Once it was dry, I scanned, cleaned and adjusted colors with Photoshop…another favorite program.
Then I opened Adobe Illustrator to design a mini calendar template and placed all the paintings in the right months and went looking for the perfect typeface. This took me a while! I love so many typefaces so it was a hard decision. I finally decided on this one, I’m very happy with it.  Then I printed each page out on normal print paper and folded them to see if the margins were right. After 3 times (thank goodness I used the little printer for that) it looked good so I printed using The Printer, Epson Stylus Photo R3000. Yeehaw! We have a pretty mini calendar.

I love the way it turned out!! I’d love to show you the whole thing but…after printing one page to make sure it was good, I got side-tracked and updated my Mac, now I can’t print wirelessly at all. I have to buy a cord until I get the wireless figured out. Bummer!

What do you think about seeing the creative process? Do you love it too?

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  1. Yes…love seeing your creative process. I’d love to know what sort of paper you printed your finished calendar on. It looks like it has a nice texture to it.

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