Watercolor Trees Part 1

Learn to Paint Watercolor Birch Trees Remember last year when I taught myself how to paint Watercolor Poppies in just 4 weeks, for FREE? If not, you can see each week here: 1, 2, 3, 4. Well, I’m back to teach myself how to paint Watercolor Trees. I’ll post what I learn every Weds for 4 weeks, starting today. I’m in love with Birch and Aspen trees so I might just stick with them but I’m hoping I’ll ‘branch’ out and try other leaf-filled trees. We shall see!

Let’s get started….

I started by watching this tutorial by Peter Humeniuk. I love how his turned out!! He explains every step in detail so I thought it should be easy to do, ha! As you can see in my 1st attempts it wasn’t as easy as I first thought.

watercolor-birch You’re impressed aren’t you?! Such amazing work for my first time. No? Yeah, I guess you’re right. As you can see I’m only proud of one of my tries for obvious reasons. I was having a hard time getting any depth in the beginning but by the end I was able to get a little. Still learning.

Here’s close-ups of a couple:

watercolor-birch-3 Hmmmm, these look like old, wet cigars.

watercolor-birch2 No words.

watercolor-birch1 Ahhhhh, much better! I was pretty happy with this set. I love the colors! I was disappointed when I noticed FISH on my trees!! Can’t see them? The most noticeable is the middle bottom. After I saw that one I saw more. These are now known as ‘Fish Trees’.

Learn to Paint Watercolor Birch Trees I used Photoshop to clean the background. I love me a sparkly white background.

That’s all for today…. I’ll be back next week with more trees to share.

What do you think about my Fish Trees?

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    1. Hi Rinda! How are you?! Thanks for your comment! Funny how fish got into my trees. Hopefully my next trees to share will be fishless. ;)

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