Watercolor Trees Part 3

watercolor-trees beginner

I know this is late but I was taking care of sick kids and getting ready for my sons Eagle Scout Project yesterday so posting about my trees just didn’t get done….until now.

I really struggled painting trees this last week. I wasn’t feeling it. I got frustrated. Then, I remembered I’m still learning. So I cut myself some slack and ate a small GF pizza myself.

The above tree is my favorite out of this weeks attempts. What do you think?

watercolor-trees-beginner These trees look like they’re on a cloud. See the ‘oops’ on the right….my kitty jumped up and hit my hand.

watercolor-trees-6 *sigh

watercolor-trees-beginner I call this Confetti Trees…haha!

What do you think?

I’m going to try some different trees this coming week. I hope they turn out better. See ya next week!

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