Learning how to Paint Watercolor Poppies, My Way – Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of my Watercolor Series! You can see the first post here. I’m excited to share my watercolor poppies with y’all.

For this week, I wanted to practice painting small, dainty flowers that had a sketchy feel. I thought of what might look good on scrapbook paper or small print fabric to get the look I wanted. To accomplish this, I chose to use a repeating pattern with small details, dots and pen to outline the flowers.

What do you think?


I joined a watercolor group (i’m afraid of this group, they are all really good!) on LinkedIn and watched many videos on YouTube…I recommend YouTube if you want to learn how to paint, so many great tutorials!

Here are my favorite:

Free Watercolor Online Workshop – Poppy Spree

I’m linking to Paint Party Friday, a linky party for all types of painters.

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  1. Kristin I am loving your poppies..both last weeks and this week! So airy..dreamy..pure gorgeousness!
    I could see this as a print on beautiful fabrics….it is really uplifting..full of energy ! You are making me crave the garden..

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