DIY Drum Shade :: 52/52 Challenge

DIY Drum Shade {{don’t judge this room, it’s a work in progress..haha}}

Welcome to another week of my 52 Projects/52 Weeks Challenge….visit my 52/52 Challenge Gallery (above) to see what I’ve done and check out my Notebook on Springpad to see my ‘to do’ projects.

So happy to share this DIY Drum Shade project with you! I had a great time making it and an even greater time watching My Man put it up….over the ceiling fan base! Yep, over the ceiling fan!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with our ceiling fans so I HAD to find some way to hang a nice light fixture without taking the whole thing down, just in case we need the fan this summer. So, taking great advice from my mom, we took the blades off and stuck the shade right over the base…piece of cake! Thanks, Mom!

I got the idea for the shade from The Keylor Family blog. Her tutorial is awesome! I always forget to take pics…grrr. I love how hers turned out! I changed a couple things on mine but it looks mostly the same.

Project List:

  • 2 – 23″ Embroidery Loops
  • 2 yds Burlap + 2 yds Muslin
  • 4 – Plexiglass sheets from Hobby Lobby (i cut mine so the shade is only 12″ tall instead of 16″)
  • E6000 Glue
  • Glue Sticks – lots!
  • Jute to hang
  • 4 – Tiny Eye Hooks

DIY Drum Shade I told you I forgot most of the pictures. I get so excited and totally forget! I’m trying to remember tho.

If you go to The Keylor Family blog, you’ll see that she put the plexiglass in between the hoops, so smart!..but I decided I didn’t want the bulky bolts and wood blocks showing so I used the inside of the hoops and glued the plexiglass to the hoops using E6000 glue and clamps. It took an hour or so for each side to dry and then it was ready to be covered.

I used burlap lined with muslin because I didn’t want the shade to be see thru. It was easy to glue the fabric on until I got to the bottom opening. It was harder than I expected. As you can see it’s not perfect but who’s going for perfect anyway!? ha!

We took the blades (see them on top the armoire?) and the light globe thingys off to see if the shade would fit without the bulbs touching the fabric….and it fit!! Angels were singing! The shade was hung by spreading the jute strings apart and resting them on the top of the fan motor. It was a bit tricky but we managed…when I say ‘we’ I really mean ‘My Man’. :)

I know I don’t have lots of pics, next project!…but if you want a great tutorial…go see The Keylor Family blog, she did a great job with lots of pictures.

front-room-wish-list - 9th&Mayne


  • West Elm Marquis Rug 8×10 – Pricey so I might need to find a cheaper version. My Man works for BYU so the Y’s are just perfect! ;)
  • Pottery Barn couch – We have one but our room really needs two…and we have 9 peeps in our family so we need more seating.
  • Fabric for curtains….haven’t decided on a specific one yet.
  • Drum Shade – CHECK!

 I like using neutrals for the pricey and big items…accessories are a great way to add color and are way cheaper to change often

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  1. Very clever disguise Kristin! We have ceiling fans too, but we really need them during the summer. We have no air conditioning, and usually don’t need it, but for those especially hot summers or even a few weeks of hot, they are our salvation!

    1. We really need our fans also but I really wanted a drum shade. :) The things we do for styling our home. We have A/C so the fans are an added bonus but not a good enough bonus to pass up pretty lighting. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It looks like the Keylor Family blog is only accessible to people who have been invited to view it. Is there any chance you know the family personally and could get some sort of copy of the article you linked? I’m super super curious to see more pictures – I tried this exact same thing with a chandelier I made to fit over the fan and it was….rough

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