52/52 Challenge :: Kitchen Island Makeover with Bead Board

kitchen-white bead board This was a really fun project because I didn’t have to do anything! It was all My Man! He did a great job, don’t ya think?! He’s a keeper!

Just a couple/few notes:

1. The bead board is in the process of being painted (in this photo). posting soon!

2. The light is UGLY, I know it, you know it, we ALL know it! Someone tell My Man! **sigh**  Recessed cans and pendent lights are ALL I want for CHRISTMAS!

3. The Kitchen Aide mixer is no longer Red! posting soon!

4. The Island topper has been stripped! Oh, yes I did! posting soon!

5. The Dishwasher died so we had to get a new one…..there went the money for #2!

6. Still can’t decide on the backsplash above the stove.

We started with a plain island. sad. sad. island….and instructions from Remodelaholic . Love that site! Since I’m horrible at taking step-by-step photos I will refer you to Remodelaholic for actual how-to’s.

Here I give you a few photos to give you an idea of how ‘we’ did ours:

kitchen-island-bead board

Our goal was to have a moveable island, for dance parties ya know! The floor has some water damage so it will be replaced and we look for the best designs options in SPACE PLANNING so we can make the best design with the space we had available. This nice piece of something fills the space until I can decide on new flooring, as for the wall we also added a murale from muraledesign online to make it look even greater. That’s going to take a while…..all I know is it will BE DARKER!

kitchen-island-bead board This is a great big mess! Gotta get dirty to get Pretty tho! What do you think?

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