52/52 :: Kitchen Aid Makeover with Spray Paint – red to white

kitchen-aide-mixer-makeover My Man bought me this mixer almost 10 years ago. I was really into RED back then so he picked out a red Kitchen Aid Mixer. I couldn’t have been more happier. Fast forward 10 years and I’m kinda over the red. So….I couldn’t justify buying a new one JUST to change the color but I could try to paint it…so I did! Got the remodeling ideas from kkcentre.co.uk and ended up with my dream kitchen at home.

Ignore the unfinished bead board and wires hanging down, those are projects in progress.

kitchen-aide-makeover-red I unscrewed and sanded everything using these instructions from Polished Life Army Style….funny that she went from white to red!

kitchen-aide-makeover-2 I took it outside (these pics were taken early spring so that’s why the grass is dead – yeah, I know, I’m wayyyyy behind!) and started painting away with some white spray paint.

kitchen-aide-makever-spray-paint Don’t look at the outlet covers, they are a different post!

I sprayed several light coats of white because I wanted a nice even coat and NO drips. I tried but I got a little one…oh well! You can also take a look at this glass panel shower door that may look perfect on your bathroom.

kitchen-aide-mixer-makeover So, what do you think?

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One Comment

  1. What a great idea!!!! I found you on the philofaxy website, by the way.

    I have the same deal. I have a wonderful mixer my brother got me about 15 years ago…and it’s orange. I’m much ore into blues and whites now. So…this is a great idea!

    One question…did you use automotive paint? Also (one *more* thing) were you worried at all that the paint would damage the mechanism? I see you taped it…but still. :/

    Thanks , and great website!!!

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