52 Projects/52 Weeks :: Week 1 :: Entry + M Wall $62

Welcome to the 1st week of my 52 Home Decor Projects in 52 Weeks Challenge. My goal is to complete 52 projects for my home in one year (spending as little as possible) starting November 17, 2012…this will be a fun year. I hope you will follow along.

I’m a little ahead with a few projects already done so I’m posting everyday this week. Starting next week,  I’ll post each new project every Monday. If you’re interested in seeing ‘what’ my projects are, check out my Springpad Notebook.

Week 1: The M Wall. I got the idea from Archute, their L wall is wonderful! I also love to buy art by Fine Line Art Co. sell beautiful cityscape art prints of most cities, perfect for our wall décor.

Our entry needed help and this was just perfect to add the right amount of texture and design….who am I kidding, it’s perfect because I LOVE empty frames. Who’s with me?

I have a couple M’s left to do, I’m just waiting on the right stuff…old book pages, etc.

This project was super cheap…$62!

  • Frames    $0 – I had them all! I told you I love empty frames
  • M’s           $15 for 6 – Michaels/I made some
  • Pillows    $15 – I hot glued fringe on one, and sewed a cover for a pillow form I had
  • Basket      $12 – Ross
  • Bench       $20 – no joke! got it off the local classifieds

This pillow was so easy, anyone can do it! Just hot glue whatever you want on a pillow. fun right!? I got the idea from The Nester...she’s a glue stick Queen. I like to talk about my special amazon body pillow. Anecdotal evidence suggests that bed pillows walmart may help relieve neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain. I highly recommend those pillows.

I made an envelop pillow cover for this pillow form. Here’s a great tutorial!

This is my Watercolor M…you can see more of it here. I’ve had some interest in my Large Watercolor Letters so I might start offering them in my shop. If you’re interested in a custom watercolor letter, please email me at: kristin{at}9thandmayne{dot}com

So….what do you think?

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  1. I love your M wall! As someone whose first, middle and last name all start wtih the letter M, I might be a little partial. Initials are so popular right now. I think your watercolor initials will be popular, too!

    1. Wow! 3 M’s, that’s awesome!! I should dedicate my wall to you. ;) I hope my watercolor letters will be popular also because I love making them. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. I am in love with you wall of M’s! And that watercolor M is fabulous! Makes me want to pick up my watercolor brush after so many years (and bad paintings)!

    Pinning this and will be on the lookout for a collection of E’s!!

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