52/52 Challenge :: DIY Butcher Block Makeover

butcher-block I’m a butcher block lover, loved them for a long, long, time. In fact, my MOM has a small butcher block on rollers that will be mine…someday!!

Anyway, I bought this as a table off the local classifieds for $50. We took the bottom part off and like a dummy tossed them out. Live and learn!

butcher-block-side-by-side Sorry about the After/Before picture, got them backwards in Photoshop. butcher-block-diy I cleaned the wood and started brushing on the wood stripper. I don’t remember the name of it, sorry!  butcher-block-1 I was supposed to wait 15 minutes, My Man reminded me I needed to wait, but I’m not a patient one when I’m waiting to see the end result so I started in. It didn’t work. So I waited…. butcher-block-2 Hehe!! Good things happen when you wait! It bubbled all over and was begging to be scrapped off. This shouldn’t have been as much fun as it was but it was! My Man and one of my boys helped but I could’ve done it just as fast without help. just saying.  butcher-block And here it is! All done!! I love it! It’s a little light and I’m thinking of using an oil to darken it but for now it’s just right.

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