52/52 Challenge :: Ikea Microwave in Pantry

I can’t believe it! We have a microwave in the wall/pantry! I love it! It’s the same one I saw on unclutterer. When we had the microwave above the stove, it was always so crowded…hello, 9 people! Now I don’t worry if something will drop into the cooking pots below.

I’m not totally done with this project, as you can see. It stills need a bit of finish work but it’s good enough, for now. I plan to add some kind of plate rack below or maybe hooks, not sure, but I’ll show you when I figure it out.

We went with a Ikea Microwave because it’s a heavy duty appliance and we need it to last! We have such bad luck with appliances! Anyway, this is one of my favorite toys for my kitchen. It’s out of the way and doesn’t take a lot of room.

We used a shelf in the pantry for it to sit on and built ‘walls’ around it. we=My Man.

The inside of the pantry was painted since all the stuff was out anyway. This is a very small pantry! We have plans to add a larger pantry on the other side of the kitchen so we didn’t worry to much about using space in this one. Storage cabinets can be the appropriate solution for both office users as well as domestic users. They can be placed in any corner of your room as they are available in a variety of sizes. You can get the best amazon storage cabinet. You can also store dangerous sharp objects in a cabinet instead of storing it on an open shelf.

That’s a lot of MESS! It all went back in nice and neat…kinda! I’m collecting baskets and totes to make my pantry look nice. I hope!

My Man added and outlet into the panty so we don’t need the yellow extension chord anymore. haha!

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