52/52 Challenge :: Week 3 :: DIY Ballard Design Christmas Tree Skirt $24


Last week I missed  3 days. My plan was to post 4 of my projects and a painting for Paint Party Friday. Well, I got sick and then….I had an eye appt on Friday that made me sad. Long story, short….I have a growth on my eye that needs to be removed. Surgery scheduled for January 28th, two weeks recovery. {{sigh}} Thankfully, I have a super supportive Man (he’s taking a week off after my surgery. love him!} and wonderful kiddos and family and friends. Is that enough ‘ands’? haha

So, instead of being all sad about my upcoming knife to the eye, I’m concentrating on my 52 Projects Challenge (I’ll post the two projects I missed in the next week or so).

Today is the DIY Christmas Tree Skirt. I originally planned on using this tutorial for a burlap skirt with ruffles (6 yards of burlap) but when I saw this upholstery fabric, for $6 a yard, I was reminded of the Ballard Design Tree Skirt with fringe….So simple and easy & No sewing! This fabric is very sturdy and thick, better than using burlap can be very flimsy.

Project cost:

  • $12 – 2 yards of Upholstery Fabric
  • $12.50 – 5 yards JUTE fringe (sale 1/2 off)


I folded the fabric in fourths so I could cut once and it would be a perfect circle. I knew I wanted it at least 60″ so I made sure the shortest part was at least 30+” (from point to middle top).

I used a needle and Jute, the length I wanted/needed….

I held a pencil at the end of the Jute while holding the needle and made a 1/4 circle….

I cut it out and opened it up….

I cut half-way up the side so I can wrap it around the tree….

Now the fun part….using my trusty glue gun, I glued the Jute fringe onto the skirt….

See my sidekick, she loves to help with EVERY project. I think she gets jealous of my projects. haha

Isn’t that awesome! Who knew that a glue gun could take the place of sewing?!

Oops! Someone didn’t calculate the fringe correctly. Back to the store….

Here’s the finished project minus the extra fringe. I making a list for the fabric store so I only have/need to go once.

Again, in my picture. She wouldn’t move until I put my phone away. I had to get it out without her noticing.

I still need to add decorations to our tree. I’m thinking of wrapping empty boxes too. So much fun!

What do you think?

I’m hooking up with Sugar Bee’s ‘Take a Look Tuesday’, Today’s Creative Blog ‘Get Your Craft on Tuesday’ and Not Just a Housewife.…great linky parties with tons of diy’s and crafts, check it out!

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  1. Ok! Wait…NO sewing!? I am in!! :) Anytime I can use my glue gun instead of my sewing machine (happily collecting dust) I am all in. It looks fabulous!

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