Watercolor Sketch :: Teen Girl Bedroom

Hello Friends!! I’m so excited to share this painting with you (I got the idea from Pottery Barn)….it’s a Christmas present for my 17yo daughter. She asked for a room makeover for Christmas, that’s all…again! She loves a nicely decorated room. I think she has asked for new bedding 4 or 5 times, either for Christmas or Birthday, over the last decade.

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The two of us sat at the computer a couple times going over styles she likes. She knew she wanted blue but the rest was kinda up in the air. We saw a great bedroom at Pottery Barn. You can navigate here and get the best site to buy all your bedroom accessories.

{Rufflicious Damask Chic @ Pottery Barn/Click to be directed to PB}

She’s not much into ruffles but she loved the dots, blue walls and black bedding. Score!! I really love this room! We won’t be buying from PB tho. This room would set us back, well….I’m not sure actually….I stopped adding when I got to $2000 and that was just the single tv bed and dresser. You can consider a weighted blanket for insomnia to avoid sleepless nights. One of the most practical benefits of using a mattress protector is that it extends the life of your mattress. It does this by protecting your mattress from all sorts of fluid damage such as stains or mould.

See those sketches on the wall, well….that’s where I got the idea to make a watercolor sketch. I’m going to mat and frame it to hang in her room, she doesn’t know.

You love it, don’t you!? I’ll post pictures of the room when it’s done.

I’m linking up to Paint Party Friday, fun times! and Design, Dining & Diapers’ Happy Hour and Show Me What You Got.

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  1. GREAT idea! My daughter is turning 17 tomorrow and maybe it’s something about December babes, but we have redone her room many times as well. However, you are much nicer than me, we keep it limited to walls and add furniture to what she already has…our summer makeover involved beige-grey and white horizontal stripes going around the room and all white bedding with black sheets and pink accents….
    I LOVE the idea of the sketches, I know she will too, What a treasure!
    Happy PPF,

  2. what cool sketches! I remember having a vaguely gypsy/middle east-looking bedroom when I was that age for some reason – the sketch reminded me of it.

  3. I’m with you PBs prices are crazy make sure you print out your photo it’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re in an aisle full of goodies and this way you’ll be sure to get what you want thanks for sharing with SMWYG!

  4. Beautiful sketch! I’m sure your daughter will love it!! That’s a gorgeous bedroom. If I could, I’d be changing our bedroom walls and decor every other year but it’s just not something I can do w/o hubby’s help and he’s SO not into that :)

  5. Hello Kristin, what a great idea for an older child’s present, how great for your daughter! She’ll love the water color sketch too, all so very filled with love!

  6. Oh, wow! When I first saw the photo I thought THAT was your daughter’s new room! You both have very good taste! Your watercolor sketch is great. I know your daughter will love it! Happy belated PPF!

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