Favorite Finds for Fall

favorite-fall-finds I love this time of year! Such a cozy time of year. Makes me want to make warm beverages topped with whipped cream + drizzled caramel and sit on my porch swing watching the leaves fall. That sounds like a good idea! I think I’ll do that right after I share these wonderful Fall treasures!

  1. Tablet + Le Pens from Everyday Occasions – This is one of my TOP 5 Favorite blogs/business! I love her style! The Handmade Rollerball Business Pen is recommended with this bundle.
  2. Brown Bear Needle Felting Kit – O. My. Goodness. So Cute! Someone buy this, make it, and send it to me. ha!
  3. Gingersnap Dip – Yum! Yum! Yum!
  4. Fall Mantel – I love Owls and white pumpkins and old books…love this mantel!
  5. Glitter Hair Brush and Makeup Brush – I can’t for the life of me find the link to this. sorry! Love it!

Lovely items, right! I think I’ll be ordering #1 and making #3…YUM! Have a Great Day!

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