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Blog Bulge Babes - Linky Party A couple weeks ago, Julie from Redhead Can Decorate, did a post about her weight gain from Blogging….you know, sitting at the computer with a yummy snack while visiting and commenting on all the wonderful blogs out there. I was impressed she had the courage to post her weight, *gasp!, and share her weight lose journey with her readers. You Go Girl!! Read Julie’s Original Blog Bulge post!

I wanted to get rid of my blog bulge too, so I asked if she would be doing a linky party….long story, short…..A linky party was born, we invited a few friends and started a Facebook page so we can all stay motivated and encourage others. Fun, right!? You can also use the hashtag #blogbulge on photos, posts, etc. to stay connected.

I’ll share how I’m going to get fit and lose my Blog Bulge in a post later this week. I’ll come back and link it up here.

Blog Bulge Babes:
I can’t get the link box to show up…grrr! You’re welcome to copy and paste this button and share on your blog. You can use the url above to link back here.

The other good news is that if you do have a blog, you are welcome to share this “Blog Bulge Link Party” on your blog if you would like to inspire your followers.  We would love to share the code with you if you join the group. Inserting the code into your post will bring up all of these links below.

Just a few guidelines:

  1. Please link up healthy recipes, weight loss/gain stories, weight loss tips, favorite exercise plans, anything “getting healthy”  below.
  2. This party will run until June 6th unless we decide longer (it takes time to get back on track).
  3. You can keep coming back to link up more than one post and find inspiration on your visits.
  4. Please take and copy/paste the Blog Bulge pink button above and share somewhere on your blog with the image linking back to this party (found under the button).
  5. Only family friendly links will be approved.
  6. OUR FAVORITES WILL BE FEATURED on Facebook, Pinterest, G+, and Twitter.

Please link up your healthy recipes, weight loss stories/goals, weight loss tips, favorite exercise plan, anything that will inspire us all to become healthier.

Have Fun!!

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  1. I am so excited to be a part of this group of fabulous ladies. Looking forward to your post, Kristin and cannot wait to experience the inspiration and encouragement along the way!

  2. Hey Kristin! So happy to be on this journey with you and the others. This should be fun. It will definitely help to have each other as support. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s success stories!!!

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