Bye, Bye, Microwave :: 52/52 Challenge

Installing a Hood Fan - 9th&Mayne I’m soooo loving this project!! I’ve been wanting to get rid of the microwave and install a hood fan for a while. I’ve always loved the Gourmet Hood Fans but they are pricey and I don’t have the space. We visited and got a loan for this remodeling project.

Here’s my list of reasons why the microwave HAD to go….don’t worry it’s getting a new home IN THE WALL by the pantry….the list:

  1. Steam would collect on the microwave and drip into food I was cooking. *GROSS! I guess my fan in the microwave wasn’t doing it’s job.
  2. The door of the microwave gets opened and closed so much, even while I’m cooking….so, what’s DROPPING into my pots? I don’t even want to think about that!
  3. The stove, microwave, sink, fridge, are all in the corner. There’s 8 of us (#9 is at college) all trying to do ‘something’ in THAT corner, it gets crowded! *this is what sold the idea to the husband
  4. I knew I could sell the old microwave and almost cover the cost.
  5. We have a space by the pantry that gets low traffic and has enough room for the new little microwave to get built into the wall – post coming soon.
  6. Because I wanted to and The Husband loves me!
Installing a Hood Fan See the baby microwave in the corner, it won’t be there long, yeehaw!

Now, what to do about the backsplash……..

DIY Stove Backsplash Ideas 1. Number Fifty-Three   2. The Kitchn   3. The Gold Jellybean

My first thought was to use faux tin tiles but the cost would be $36, I’d have left-overs tho, but I’m cheap and want to do it for less. I’m sure tile would be much more but it seems like it would be easier to clean. Making a chalkboard would be the cheapest but I’m concerned about my 6yo climbing up to draw on it….I could paint a chalkboard somewhere else for him. *now I’m thinking

Installing a Hood Fan - 9th&Mayne What do you think? Chalkboard, Tile, Tin? What say you?

p.s. I can’t wait to show you my kitchen when it’s done….it’s getting there, the last thing I need to do is read this review of granite countertops!

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  1. Can you remove that white metal to reveal the bead board? If so you could paint it all white? Or the tin I used on my back splash isn’t that fake stuff at Home Depot, it’s from Home depot and it’s real tin-you have to special order it. The sheets come in about that size where it could go over the white and end behind your stove level with the counter. I think it would actually fit perfectly. You should check out the samples they have at Home Depot. Plus there’s no fire hazard w/ real tin. Just ask the pro desk where the REAL tin back splash samples are. They even have white. I just painted over my copper one, but copper was really cool. I know they have silver too.

  2. Hi Kristen, I love your blog! Featured your entry in my blog today, I am promoting BLogger Homes for Shannon. I love the wall in this space, unreal! Have a great day , Jen

  3. I agree…I think it would look great with the beadboard painted out and a platter/plate/tray/pierce of art hung over the stove….and inexpensive too. Cute blog!

    1. Great idea! I hadn’t thought of using a piece of art for my backsplash…I’m thinking now! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks so much for using my chalkboard backsplash as an example! I can’t wait to see what you do.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. Thank you for stopping by…I love your chalkboard backsplash! I’m still deciding about what I’m doing for mine. I’m an over-thinker! Hopefully I’ll have something soon.

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