Learning how to Paint Watercolor Poppies, My Way – Part 1


I love Poppies. I’ve always loved orange -red Poppies. I guess it comes from growing up in Calif. where the state flower is a Poppy. Whatever the reason I’ve always been a fan….especially of watercolor Poppies.

So, I’ve decided to learn how to paint them-my way. Everyone has a different style of painting flowers, or anything, and my goal is to find my Poppy voice…haha, funny! I want mine to be simple, pretty and subtle (with a pinch of bold).


My Goal:  Learn ‘how’ to paint poppies-my way, in 3 WEEKS…crazy, I know, but I like to learn things fast.

I’m going to:

  • watch videos on You Tube and join groups and discussions on LinkedIn and Etsy
  • practice. practice. practice.

I’ll share what I’ve been working on the next 3 Wednesdays. Hopefully, by the end of the month I’ll have a poppy that will reflect my style and be beautiful too.

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    1. Thanks Rinda! I agree with you, the black middle is key…I started using little black dots, hopefully it’ll turn out ok. :)

  1. the reds, I love them :-)
    And poppies too, I try to make them overgrow my front garden.

    Thanks for nice words on my blog!

    Happy PPF


  2. I am new to watercolor. I would love to know how to paint poppies the way you do. Do you have a video with Part 1 thru 4?
    May I purchase it?
    Thank you,

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