Watercolor Trees Part 4

watercolor-trees-11 Welcome to the last part of my Watercolor Trees series. I originally planned on painting mostly Birch trees but I learned that I love painting Pine trees. The painting above is from from part 4.  

watercolor-trees-10 Here’s a recap of the last 4 weeks, top right is last weeks paintings (I tried using more blue). As I look at these pictures I see that my best, imo, paintings were in the 1st week (bottom left).

Here’s my Top 4 Favs:


watercolor-trees beginner

watercolor-trees-11 Thanks for joining me for my Watercolor Series. I’m excited to continue to paint trees and hopefully learn to paint more than Pines. I also love to use acrylic paint, is a very recent discovery in the art world when compared to oil paints and watercolours. Its versatile nature, vibrancy and stability has meant it has taken the art world by storm. The more artists take advantage of the wide range of approaches that acrylic paints offer, the more acrylic paint products come to market.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Kristin, I love your watercolour trees… love the simplicity.
    i used to follow you years ago and just recently found you again. ;-)
    Beautiful work you’re doing, still. xx

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