Watercolor Trees Part 2

watercolor-pine-trees-4 Hello again! This week I’m trying my hand at painting Pine trees. There’s just something about a Pine tree that I love.

watercolor-pine-trees-1 I started with a couple Birch trees but changed my mind. Now that I look at this photo I’m really liking Birch and Pines together. Maybe I’ll try painting a scene with both of them for next week. 

My first example (top right) was a very sad attempt at a pine so I went to the web for help and found a YouTube video by Angela Fehr that was perfect….she’s amazing! After watching her video I had a better idea of ‘how’ to paint my Pine trees.

watercolor-pine-tree-2 I like this one but I wanted more color under the trees.

watercolor-pine-tree-3 Not diggin’ this one but look, no fish!


This one is my favorite!  What do you think? You’re missing the fish aren’t you?!

Watercolor Trees Part 1

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