2023 LDS Youth Theme Stickers

‘I can do all things through Christ’ Philippians 4:11–13

2023 LDS Youth Theme Stickers! This is the second year I’ve made stickers for the Youth and I love it! I chose to leave ‘through Christ’ off because I felt it was more likely that the Youth would put them somewhere visible, like water bottles, laptops, etc.

Last year I used one color but this year I thought it would be fun to add more colors and it’s paid off already! I’ve had many orders in my Etsy Shop of the pink, blue, and purple, only a couple of the original green. I think having different options makes is fun and more individual.

One of the design choices I went with was to make the lettering a similar color to the overall colors. I thought it was better than using white or a brighter color. Being a Youth these days can be hard so I wanted to provide the message of the Theme without making it stand out to much.

I think the purples in this stickers are really pretty! I’m not normally fond of grey but the grey rocks are a fun contrast to the purples. I don’t usually use a lot of purple in my art & designs, or in my home or wardrobe, so I was excited that I really liked this one.

I’m pretty smitten with these LDS Youth Theme Stickers, they’ll be a fun sticker in my shop for all of 2023.

I will never get tired of making stickers! I love the whole process so much! I’m pretty sure stickers are one of my love languages, haha!

I have many other stickers in my Etsy Shop! Lots of Water Bottle stickers and Sticker Sheets for all your fun sticker needs.

I have a lot of plans for 9&M this year so I’ll try my best to keep this blog updated!

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