2023 Goals for My Etsy Shop

It took me a while but I’ve finally decided on my 2023 Goals for My Etsy Shop! Setting Goals every week, month, year, is fun for me! I was looking for achievable and lofty goals for my business that I’d actually work towards and complete. I used to make sure all my goals were ready for the New Year but the last couple years I waited to start in January. I took the whole month January to finalize all my goals so they were ready for Feb 1st. This just works better for me because I can enjoy December and the Holidays!

Even though I know I’ll need to adjust my goals over the next few months, stuff happens, I’m still so excited about all of them! I’m pushing myself this year, to get out of my comfort zone and grow my business into a full-full time income. My dream is move my business into a little storefront on a cute Main Street with fun employees!!

2023 Goals for My Etsy Shop:

  1. 1000+ Sales on Etsy
  2. 50+ Sales a Month (Jan hit 54 sales! yes!)
  3. Monthly Product Releases
  4. Use Pinterest Business
  5. Write 1+ Blog Post or more a week
  6. Add Another Cameo 4
  7. Sell at a Craft Fair
  8. Create YouTube content 1x week (stretch goal!)
  9. Create a Day in the Life Video / YouTube 1x month (another stretch goal!)
  10. Expand Stationery Products; Note Cards, Notepads, Gift Wrap, Calendars, etc.
  11. Bonus Business Goal: Expand and move my business to super cute Main Street in Midvale, UT. I’ve been dreaming of having my own Stationery Shop with my designs since I was a little girl!

I look forward to what this year will bring and hope to reach all my goals! The hardest ones are YouTube & Craft Fairs for sure because it takes me out of my comfort zone…. but, my 2023 Word of the Year is: COURAGE, so I’m going for it!

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