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I love all things office/studio! I’ve always been in love with office stuff, having an office, an art studio, office space, all of it! This Mini Studio Tour of my Sticker Shop is fun to share because it’s the beginnings of my business, owning a Sticker and Stationery Business that’s brings is a full-time income is my goal!!

I shared this cute video on social today, it’s so fun for me to watch! It just makes me happy! My dream is to have a charming office on a cute Main Street with a small retail shop in front and lots of space in the back to create and make my stickers and stationery! I’m pretty good at making things happen so I’m already mentally planning how it’ll look. I’ll go from making mini studio tours to making full retail/warehouse tours!

My husband bought these desks for me and set me all up in my office after our daughter passed away, kinda his way of trying to make it ‘better’. He’s my biggest supporter and best friend!

See that wood thingy on the left, it’s an easel my dad made me for painting, it’s making a nice little ‘table’ so I can switch out sticker sheet in the Silhouette. It’s working great and easily folds and is stored under my desk. I love my setup, it’s always changing and I love that! I’ll do a more in-depth tour of my office/studio in the future.

I’m working on changing up my bookshelves with some fun additions so I’ll share that when it’s done as well. I love this space so much! it’s supposed to be a ‘formal’ living space, it’s the first room when entering our front door. I’d love French Doors but those would be some mighty large doors. haha!

I hop you enjoyed my Mini Studio Tour of my sticker and stationary shop! Check out my Shop, I’m adding new products and designs on a regular basis.

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