Paris Keychain in the Shop

The cutest Paris Keychain everrrr is available in my shop! The Paris sticker is a best seller in my shop so I thought creating this little beauty was a safe next step. It’s seriously adorable and lightweight!

Don’t ya just love a little video… well, here you go! The keychains smaller than the sticker by a bit but any larger and it would’ve been too big for my purse. ha!

I’m a little obsessed with seeing ‘how’ people do things so here’s my setup for the video above. My video skills are still in the making but ya gotta start somewhere! The Etsy ‘arm’ that holds my phone was a gift from Etsy for sharing 10 Explore videos when they first started rolling out the Explore program. It doesn’t fit except with the drawer open but it works.

I was so excited to open the box and play with them when they came in but we were rushing out the door for dinner so I quickly took a video of the ‘unboxing’ and snagged on for the road. Here I am admiring my keys while we wait for dinner at Outback Steakhouse! If you wanna grab a Paris Keychain for yourself, just hopped on over to my Shop and get one!

That’s a happy little family right there! Let me know what you think of this new addition to my shop. Are there other stickers or illustrations you’d like to see as a keychain? I’d love to get in metal pins too! I love those!

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